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30 08, 2017

RFID Labels & Tags

Request a RFID Tag Quote RFID provides a higher level of visibility of product movement, whether it be raw materials through a production process or the movement of inventory through the supply chain or your enterprise.  Inovity offers a variety of solutions that no only allows [...]

23 02, 2017

Zebra Printhead Protection Program

Request a Supplies Quote Printhead Protection Program Data Sheet Factory-Authorized Zebra Printer Repairs Join the Zebra Printhead Protection Program and Eliminate Replacement Costs Use Zebra genuine supplies exclusively and get free printhead replacements—forever!* Fill out our brief [...]

16 02, 2017

Zebra Custom Labels Free Freight Promo

Request a Supplies Quote Request a Supplies Quote Get Free Freight on All Zebra Custom Label Orders As a Zebra Supplies Specialist, Inovity is offering free ground freight on all Zebra custom labels shipping to the USA and Canada through Dec. 31, 2018. Zebra has 4 [...]

12 10, 2016

Thermal Transfer & Direct Print Media Materials

Thermal Transfer & Direct Print Media Materials Paper: Wax Ribbon Paper is the most commonly used material due to its low cost and ease of use. Most applications will be well served by paper-based media unless you are in a rugged or high moisture environment. Paper labels will tear and can get damaged but [...]

12 10, 2016

Direct and Thermal Transfer Printing Methods

Printing Methods Direct Thermal Direct Thermal printing (DT) media does not use any kind of ink or ribbon to print. The media is coated with heat-sensitive layer that changes color as it is exposed to the printer's printhead. The printhead heats up and cools down according to your barcode design which is then imprinted [...]