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18 11, 2016

Honeywell Wearable Benefits

You'll see lots of benefits when you use Honeywell's rugged smartphone as a wearable device   For hands-intensive environments, use the Dolphin 70e as a wearable.  For regular activities, convert back to a sleek, responsive handheld.  Double the productivity, double the efficiency!    Benefits of turning the Dolphin [...]

17 02, 2016

Honeywell Wearable Mobile Computers

Dolphin 70e Wearable Accessories Dolphin 70e Spec Sheet Empower your mobile workers to achieve greater levels of productivity, efficiency and accuracy. Contact Inovity today to learn more. Turn Honeywell's Rugged Smartphone Into a Wearable Device Wearable mobile computers bring new levels of productivity, efficiency and [...]

9 08, 2009


Keep workers' hands and eyes on their tasks Lightweight yet rugged wearable computers allow for streamlined warehouse and package-handling functions. Workers armed with real-time, hands-free mobile computers achieve new levels of error-proof productivity, operational efficiency and accuracy. In applications that demand the constant use of hands, [...]