Effeciency improves in inventory, put-away, and shipping with mobile printing.

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Transportation Company Improves Inventory, Put-Away and Shipping Efficiency with Mobile Printing

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Bar Code ID Systems Smith Transport Case StudySmith Transport is a Pennsylvania-based Company providing a complete line of Logistics Services to businesses located throughout the Continental United States and Canada. Smith Transport and its Subsidiaries are uniquely postured to provide a Totally Bundled and Customized Third Party Logistics Package(s) or Individually Tailored Service Offerings to meet the precise needs of the Customer.

As a service-oriented transportation corporation, Smith Transport provides a variety of transportation and logistics services to clients across the country, including traditional truckload movements, dedicated truckload services to customer deferred points, consolidation of customized LTL movements, short and long-term storage, real-time inventory control and other specifically tailored services to meet unique customer requirements. Smith Eagle Logistics, an Operating Subsidiary of Smith Transport, is a full service provider of Integrated Third Party Logistical Services with a specialty in distribution and load consolidation methodology.

At its logistics warehouse in Tyrone, Pennsylvania, Smith Transport was labeling hundreds of pallets daily from a central printing station, resulting in mislabeled, misplaced and poorly-handled product. Smith Transport needed to improve efficiency, product handling and tracking.


The Challenge:
At its 450,000 sq. ft. Eagle Logistics facility in Tyrone, Pennsylvania, Smith Transport receives 600 to 800 pallets per day through 45 dock doors. When inbound pallets are received, Smith’s warehouse management system generates new product routing or storage labels to track pallets within the facility. Fork-lift operators would put the pallets away, then return to a centralized printing station where the new labels were printed, then go back to the pallet location and re-label the products for internal tracking and outbound distribution purposes.
CS-SmithTransportZebraMobilePrinterInefficiencies in time management and errors in re-labeling the pallets were causing increased problems for Smith Transport. Incorrectly-labeled pallets would be mis- directed, mis-shipped or lost in the system. Smith needed to streamline their receipt of products, labeling and put-away.


The Solution:
Inovity, formerly BarCode ID Systems, provided a complete mobile printing solution for Smith Transport’s warehousing application, furnishing them with wireless printers, media and annual depot service coverage for their mobile printers. Inovity installed 15 Zebra Technologies QL420 mobile printers with 4×6 direct thermal labels for use by warehouse fork lift operators who could then label pallets properly at the point of receipt, before product was put away. Using the QL420 printers connected to Smith Transport’s Wireless LAN, operators would re-label pallets immediately with internal routing/license plate labels, virtually eliminating mislabeled pallets. Inovity also provided full depot service coverage for all Zebra printers to ensure Smith was protected when printers required maintenance or repairs.


The Results:
Inovity provided a total mobile printing solution for Smith Transport’s logistic warehouse operation. The QL420 mobile printers increased operator efficiencies, improved material handling times and decreased rerouting problems. With operators printing identification labels at the point of put-away, Smith Transport was able to avoid the confusion and errors of applying labels to pallets as a secondary step or function. Since system implementation, Smith Transport has seen a significant reduction in mis-labeled and mis-handled pallets, considerable gains in fork-truck put-away efficiencies and a significant reduction in labeling errors. By implementing a mobile printing solution in their warehouse operation, Smith Transport has improved warehouse accuracy, reduced mishandled freight costs and improved operating efficiencies.

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