An aircraft parts distributor sees improvements in inventory accuracy and reconciliation after automating inventory data.

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Airline Parts Distributor Improves Inventory Efficiency with Data Automation

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avio-diepen_logoAvio-Diepen specializes in stock management and spare parts distribution to Airline, OEM, and MRO customers throughout the world. The company’s headquarters in The Netherlands had recently automated their inventory management, but the U.S. facility in Atlanta, Georgia was handling all inventory manually. Additionally, because their U.S. location did not have its own on-site IT staff, Avio-Diepen required a versatile supplier who could provide complete system implementation, installation and training, as well local support.

The Challenge:
Avio-Diepen Atlanta was handling their entire inventory by hand. With no scanning systems in place, they were faced with shipping & receiving inaccuracies, lengthy put-away times, inventory discrepancies and delays associated with manual data entry. Extra labor from other departments was necessary, on occasion, to perform manual data entry in the warehouse. Additionally, as a global commercial aerospace parts distributor receiving shipments from both the U.S and abroad, Avio-Diepen’s Atlanta location was faced with the problem of extended shipping times and high costs for replacement of international inventory.

The Solution:
Inovity provided a complete, turnkey RF solution for Avio-Diepen. In their 20,000 square foot warehouse with a UNIX host, Inovity completed a small site survey and installation of two Symbol 802.11b Access Points, all cabling and hard installation. Three Symbol PDT-6846 devices, loaded with VT220 emulation licenses, were used to gain access to the company’s Unix host, which allowed for various warehousing transactions—such as receiving, put-away, picking and shipping—and a real time link to the host’s database files.

Since all inbound inventory was already barcoded, Avio-Diepen did not have to mark incoming products. However, Inovity provided approximately 10,000 preprinted shelf- and floor-marking location labels for inventory management. BarCode ID also provided system training and instruction on the AP and handheld device configuration, as well as a one-year service contract on the equipment.

The Results:
Inovity provided a total solution for Avio-Diepen’s data automation project. Since system implementation, Avio-Diepen has benefited from significant improvements in inventory accuracy and reconciliation. Put-away times have decreased and efficiency gains in picking and shipping have been realized. With the complete elimination of manual data entry, labor costs have decreased and additional personnel resources are no longer needed in the warehouse. Additionally, Avio-Diepen’s improved inventory accuracy has reduced the costs associated with lost or misplaced product and eliminated the need for emergency product replacement from overseas.

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