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Body Temperature Scanning Solution—Hands-Free, Affordable

Fast & Simple Body Temperature Scanner With Optional BiometricsBody Temperature Scanner features

As businesses reopen across the country, providing a safe and healthy working environment for employees, customers and visitors is top of mind.

One of the CDC’s guidelines for reopening includes body temperature screening before employees enter the building.  With Inovity’s hands-free body temperature scanning solution from our partner, Real Time Networks, you can quickly screen employees and visitors coming into your building or entering defined work areas.

This simple and easy-to-implement body temperature sensor provides fast and accurate body temperature measurements, with or without biometrics.  The system combines a thermal camera with face and palm recognition technology for touchless, hygienic employee scanning and authentication in a single, affordable device. Fingerprint recognition technology is also available.

State-of-the-Art Body Temperature Scanner with Facial Recognition & Biometrics

  • Provides fast and accurate body temperature measurement from up to 8 feet

  • Body temperature detection accurate up 0.6°F from up to 18 inches away

  • Detects if mask or correct protective equipment is being worn

  • Users can be denied access if a high temperature or no mask is detected

  • Facial recognition records personnel safety log and verifies records

  • Visual and audio alerts

  • Contact audit reporting and historical data

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No-Touch, Biometric Body Temperature Scanner

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