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Inovity is a Business Process Improvement Company

MHI Member Company LogoInovity improves your business processes with data automation technology. We then transform that technology into powerful, integrated solutions that help you drive efficiency, improve visibility, extend connectivity and reduce costs.

Inovity is a specialty IT systems integrator.  In a nutshell, we design, develop and deliver innovative data automation systems that connect and relay your crucial business information between all points of operational activity, in real time.

Some of our clients need improved mobile technologies for their workers on the go.  Others need to integrate mobility with core ERP data.  Some need to connect automated industrial functions (like conveyors or scales) to disconnected data—and make it meaningful and actionable. Still others need to improve the intelligence surrounding their business processes by eliminating manual steps wherever possible.  Inovity provides these and other automated technology solutions for manufacturing, distribution, healthcare, field service and retail environments.

Know Where.  Know When.  Know How.

Inovity’s slogan is simple.  It conceptually encompasses the services, knowledge and results we deliver for our clients:

KNOW WHERE  refers to the critical need for today’s corporations to know the precise location of all materials, production processes, products and inventory to enable real-time information and instant decision-making;

KNOW WHEN  refers to the importance of knowing when crucial incidents are occurring throughout an organization, from the status of manufacturing work-in-process to being alerted of a production line stoppage due to mis-packaged or mis-labeled products;

KNOW HOW  has a dual-meaning: Inovity has the know-how to provide complex, innovative solutions that allow you, our current and future clients, to know how to improve your productivity, efficiency and ultimate profitability.

A strong, experienced team

Technology is important. But you need the right people behind it to realize its full potential and apply it in the right way. Inovity was established in 1993 and is approaching 30 years of providing reliable and effective data automation solutions.

Our team has deep product knowledge, strong technical competency and decades of experience working with organizations in numerous industries. With that comes the confidence and ability to transform technology into smart, well-constructed solutions that deliver the intelligence and innovation you need to stay ahead.

Inovity was formerly known as BarCode ID Systems — why the name change?

The BarCode ID Systems name served us well for many years, but it became limiting. We have grown to offer advanced enterprise software and services, and have become far more than a provider of barcode and handheld data collection systems.  The name Inovity reflects our continued and long-term evolution into an innovative data automation system integration company, delivering custom and tailored solutions for small, medium and enterprise-sized businesses across virtually any industry. Read our name change press release.

With innovation at our core, combined with solutions for productivity, agility, efficiency, connectivity and visibility,
we are Inovity.

To learn how your company can reduce costs, eliminate errors and improve productivity inside and outside the enterprise walls, contact us today.

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Know Where.

Know When.

Know How.